at last {melissa + jef}

Every love story is beautiful and leaves you with that inner sigh where you feel your heart skip a beat and makes you smile without being aware of it.  Especially when you are a romantic like me.  The love story of these two particularly wonderful individuals is certainly one for the books and leaves you feeling inspired and renewed and believing in happy endings after all.  :-)  Let’s just say it involved many years, different paths, and “coming home” .

I keep telling myself that I should really limit my blog posting of pictures to just a few, but I just can’t help myself.  So, on behalf of all my postings past and future (and for this blog in particular), I hope you’re comfortable.  ;-)

Melissa and Jef - I can not tell you enough how honored I feel to have been involved in such a beautiful and magical occasion!!  Much love to you and the kids!  I know there will be a lifetime of love ahead of you.  :)

xoxo ~ Kara


Recently, on a beautiful fall day, I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing Morgan and her dog, Cammie.  I did manage to squeeze in a photo or two of Morgan with her mom, as well. 
Here are some images from our session…enjoy!

Michele and Morgan (and Cammie too!) - thanks for a really great afternoon!!  […]

Lily’s Year In The Life Session, part two

I just love Lily.  Aside from being one of the absolute sweetest and adorable little girls you could ever meet, I love how we have developed quite the little relationship…Lily, my camera and me. 
Here is the second session in our Year In The Life series for 2011…Enjoy!!!

Steph, Lily and Grammy - Thank you […]

2011, continued

Okay.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not likely to win a “Blogger Of The Year” award with my ridiculous gaps in blogging moments.  It does seem to either be a deluge of posts, or crickets (nothing).  So let me be the first to thank you for continuing to check back in with […]

wendy + dave = love + happiness

Once again, I have to remark that I am such a lucky girl.  I get to meet the best and most interesting people who enrich your life just by letting you into their world for a brief period of time.  Wendy and Dave…the amount of love, affection, appreciation and value that you feel exuding from […]

intimate session: lydia

Not too long ago, Lydia came to my studio for an intimate session for a surprise for her soon-to-be husband.  I still think (and I do believe the future husbands agree with me here) that this is one of the best gifts you can ever give him!  :)  We had an absolutely wonderfully good time […]

photo-a-day: a continuation

So, you may already know that last year I embarked on a personal project, of taking a photo every day, sometimes more, but the goal was to do at least one photo every day and post it.  Sometimes it may be mundane, sometimes it may be artistic, but it was to always be something.  At […]

iuliana + ryan get married :)

Some people are just so well-matched, so happy, and so in love, that you can just feel it in all its glory and warmth.  It leaves you a better person and thankful for love.  :)  Meet Ryan and Iuliana.
Ryan and Iuliana had my favorite kind of ceremony in one of my very favorite places…small and […]

what it doesn’t say…

On Friday, April 8, 2011, the headlines on the front page of the Daily Local would read stories of the “Spending Showdown” with the government, images of the cherry blossoms blooming in West Chester, a store robbery, school board votes, and a meeting between a Citizens’ Group and developers.  Page A7 would bring you this:

How […]

SeaJay: the intimate session

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of photographing SeaJay again, this time for an intimate session.  You may remember her being in front of my camera before, for one of my tattooed sessions.  Here are a few from her intimate session…enjoy! 

SeaJay - you know how much I loooooooooooooove photographing you!!  […]